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AIG WA Remote Sensing Seminar Presentations

The AIG Remote Sensing Seminar was held by our WA Branch in March 2014. Please see below for presentation files presented on the day, available for viewing and download.
2014 A Sensational Year for Satellites
Natalie Dalgleish, GeoImage

Field Geologist’s Guide to Obtaining and using Landsat 8 and Landgate/Slip Data
Grant Boxer, Consultant Geologist

AIG Remote Sensing Conference: A Geophysical Perspective in Remote Sensing Interpretations
Bruce Craven, Southern Geoscience

For When 2D is Not Enough: Geoimage Offers Relief
Owain Stratton & Max Bye, GeoImage

Aster Satellite Imagery: Implementation of data interpretation with case histories
Peter Wilson, Earthscan Pty Ltd

Extracting mineralogical information for exploration using new ASTER mineral maps, integrated with DEMS, geophysics, and vegetation fractional cover information
R Hewson, D Robson, A Mauger, T Cudahy, M Thomas, Simon Jones, Geological Survey of New South Wales, RMIT University

History of Remote Sensing in Geological Exploration
Dr Alan J Mauger, DMITRE

3D Mineral Mapping from Fresh Rock to Space
Carsten Laukamp, CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering/Minerals Down Under Research Flagship Program

Philosophy & Photogeological Case Histories
Nick Lockett & Associates Pty Ltd

Data Visualisation Tools for the Delineation of Strictures on Potential Field Data
Peter Kovesi, Eun-Jung Holden, Jason Wong, Centre for Exploration Targeting, Curtain University, The University of Western Australia

The use of remotely-sensed data in regolith map production
Nadir de Souza Kovacs, Geological Survey of Western Australia

Regolith Landform Mapping in West Africa using Airborne Geophysics and Remove Sensing Data in a Neural-Network
Vaclav Metlka, Centre for Exploration Targeting