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AIG is the leading professional institute representing geoscientists in all professional sectors throughout Australia.

Applying for membership to the AIG

AIG offers several categories of membership to both professional geoscientists, students and members of the public with special interests in Australian geoscience.

Some membership classes require certain prerequisites to be met. All memberships require a handling fee to be paid before submission, to be processed. You will be required to pay this online before submitting the completed application.

If you have already commenced an application, you may insert your password below to continue with your application.

Guidelines for applying for AIG membership can be found here.

Please ensure that your proposers have agreed to act in that capacity before nominating them and you have all required documentation ready to upload.

If you have commenced an application but think the process is taking too long (more than a few months for example), please contact

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Applications can be processed online by selecting from the following list:
Apply for STUDENT membership
Student membership is available FREE to part time and full time undergraduate and honours students studying geoscience at a recognised institution. Post graduate geoscience students can also apply for this grade if they have a non-geoscience undergraduate degree.
Apply for GRADUATE membership
Graduate membership is available to qualified geoscientists who have not yet obtained the professional experience required for admission as Member.
Apply for ASSOCIATE membership
Associate membership is available to members of the public with an interest in Australian geoscience and who do not qualify for any other membership type. A school or other non-commercial group can apply for this grade.
Apply for MEMBER membership
A Member is required to have a minimum Bachelors level geoscience qualification from a recognised institution. They must have a minimum of five years relevant professional experience, which includes three years of responsibility and exercising professional judgement.
Apply for FELLOW membership
Fellow membership provides special recognition of a significant contribution to the geoscience profession, either within Australia or overseas. The applicant must have a minimum of 15 years experience.
Apply for RETIRED membership
A Member can apply for Retired membership when they retire from active employment and following at 10 years of active membership of the society.

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