AIG Mentoring Program

An initiative of the National Graduate Group



The AIG Mentoring Program is a free-to-all members, formal, face-to-face program which runs over 5-6 months annually. Mentor-mentee contact is through private face to face, telephone or skype meetings as well as program run formal meetings and social events. This allows time for the development of strong relationships between mentees and mentors.

The AIG Mentoring Program began in 2015 as an initiative of the National Graduate Committee to provide undergraduate students, MSc/PhD Candidates and early-career geoscientists who have up to 5 years professional industry experience with practical advice and feedback from senior industry professionals.


Program Aim

Our program connects BSc/MSc/PhD candidates and early career geoscientists (0-5yrs) with experienced industry professionals (>10yrs practical industry experience). The aim is to build our community by providing emerging geoscientists with experience from knowledgeable professionals who are looking to give back. Our professionals provide practical advice and guidance on a number of areas of interest in regards to beginning and maintaining a healthy career within geoscience.

We at AIG believe mentoring is an important part of developing and sustaining the geoscience community and welcome your participation.


Program Details

The mentoring program is free to both mentors and mentees!

During the program mentees and mentors meet regularly to discuss and work on their mentoring program objectives.

AIG membership is a prerequisite for our program, and many folks join AIG to be able to access this valuable, high quality development opportunity. If this applies to you, please fill in an AIG application form at

Undergraduate AIG membership is free; there is a $99 charge for graduate/MSc/PhD AIG membership.

During the program mentees and mentors are expected meet regularly to discuss and work on their mentoring program objectives as they set at the start of the program.

In addition to mentor-mentee meetings, the program includes three formal events

1) Kick-Off Event – May/June, 2) Mid-term Social, 3) Final Event/Program finish – October

Programs are currently running in WA, VIC and QLD urban centres.

For people located outside urban areas or in a state without an active program, the Distance Program is for you. This program uses online technology to facilitate mentoring, regardless of location.


AIG Mentoring Program – Mid Term Webinar – Your Career, Your Brand

“Your Career Your Brand” is a guide to understanding and implementing the concepts and methods for building value and making a difference in all aspects of your working career. To build value or show you have the potential to be a difference maker is expressed and validated through your passion, work ethic, persistence and improvement. These “KPIs” are the hallmarks for recruiters and employers when looking for prospective employees to grow an organisation. Creating your own personal “brand” and “brand products” is the first step on the pathway to showing your potential to build value and enjoy a fulfilling and successful career. This involves creating a personalised “brand statement” that concisely reflects you and how you build value uniquely. Your brand statement identifies you as distinct form others and is featured on your business card, LinkedIn profile and resume. A focussed networking plan will enable you to articulate your brand to prospective and suitable organisations. The first step in your career begins with having a brand that you truly feed and believe makes you a unique difference maker.’


How do I sign up to be part of AIG Mentoring Program?

The AIG Mentoring Program for 2017 have now closed, however expressions of interest for our 2018 program are now open. Follow the below link to complete our Expressions of Interest form. More details for the 2018 program to come.

To find out more information on next years Mentoring Program, you may also sign up to our AIG mailing list for updates, as well as additional industry and branch news.

For more details about the AIG Mentoring Program please contact us by email at Download the program flyer here.

Real challenges, real outcomes and real results based on mutual respect, confidentially and commitment.


Thank you to our sponsors for their support during our Mentoring Program 2017