AIG News 146: January 2022


AIG News 146 Januray 2022 is Available Now!

In this issue…

From your President;Institute News;Snippets;Education Report;Bursary Award Abstracts;Membership Updates & RPGeo Applications;Geoscientist Unemployment at Record Low Levels;Geoscience Education In The Time Of Coronavirus;Recent Publications;Structural Geology and Resources 2022;AIG Medal Presentations;The Finder and the Minder;Uncertainty in geosciences as a giant room for human imagination;Data Hell… Merging Databases. And for what End?;Geotourism;The Olympic Dam Iron Oxide Copper Gold deposit; the “Finger of GOD”; and the renaissance of the magnetotelluric(MT) method in Australia – a personel perspecive;Vale Rob Duncan;QLD,VIC,WA & TAS Branch Reports, SMEDG David Timms Xmas Cruise 2021;Events Calendar;AIG Directors & AIG News



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