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Digital: AIG News 106: Nov 2011


Blast from the Past , Planet Group of companies , JORC Code in 2012, Short Note Celebrating AIG, 30th Anniversary , Then as Now – Pierpont’s memories, as Recounted in his Memoirs, Enumerated in the Official History, of Blue Sky Mines, Obituary – Alan Edward Marshall, 34th IGC Update, Report on AGC President’s Travel, in South America, 8th International Mining Geology, Conference Report, Professional Ethics and You, A New Porphry Copper, Occurrence?, An Introduction to Magnetic, Susceptibility, Book Review – The Cadia Valley, Mines – A Mining success story, AIG Service Medal Award to Kaylene Camuti, Education Report, TESEP Stage 1 update and, stage 2 call for funding, AIG Student’s night – Perth, Edumine – Professional Development, Opportunities, New Members

2 responses to “Digital: AIG News 106: Nov 2011”

  1. patricia urquhart says:

    would love to receive copy of Magazine AIG News No.106 November 2011 issue

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