Digital: AIG News 120: May 2015




Inside this issue…

From Your President: On Professionalism; Institute News: Snippets, WA Branch News, NSW Branch News, Education News; Membership Updates; Registered Professional Geoscientists Approvals & Applications; IAH Seven Wonders: Gins Leap Gap Hydrogeological Wonder: Upper Namoi Valley, NSW, Australia; Bursary Report: In Situ Fe isotope analyses by SIMS; The Spirit of Ecstasy replaced with a Workhorse; Upcoming events; Forensic down-the-hole geology in search of gold; Geological mapping procedures for Porphyry Cu-Au and Epithermal Exploration; INTRAW – International Raw Materials Observatory: A new international project on raw materials; Ethics Report: What sort of complaints does AIG deal with regarding members’ conduct?; Yilgarn Retrospective; AIG Member Offer: AMIRA’s Data Metallogenica; PACRIM 2015 in Hong Kong; Events Calendar; AIG Council & AIG News