Terroir of the Adelaide Hills Wine Region

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AIG’s South Australia Branch is conducting a study tour examining the terroir of the Adelaide Hills Wine Region, 6th December 2014.  

The tour will visit four wineries in the Adelaide Hills Wine Region: Murdoch Hill, Goldings Wines, Paracombe Premium Wines and Ngeringa; to study aspects of the terroir of the various vineyards. We will be talking to the winemakers at each location to discuss the important contributors to terroir: geology, regolith, soil, altitude and microclimate, sun aspect, vine selection, trellising and pruning practices, picking parameters (baumé, acidity), picking technique and oenological practices.

The purpose of the tour is:

  • To critically examine and discuss the terroir of several Adelaide Hills vineyards
  • To appreciate some of the variations of terroir within a single wine region
  • To taste and appreciate the fine wines produced at each location
  • If desired, to purchase some fine wines.

We would like our members to contribute their geological ideas to these discussions especially since our vi-gneron friends are as keen to learn from us as we are from them.  Click here for further information and to book your place.

Adelaide Hills