The future of fuel; food and health—$160 million for four new CRCs

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Assistant Minister Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Senator Zed Seselja

The Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Zed Seselja has been busy handing out over $165 million to four new Cooperative Research Centres.

They are:

The Digital Health CRC, which received $55m, bringing their total funding to over $200m. The Digital Health CRC is seeking to improve health outcomes for Australians through the use of digital technologies which can improve access to the right health care, lower costs and increase understanding and awareness. The CRC is also examining better ways to share information on adverse reactions and developing better decision support apps. More on their website, or read the media alert.

The MinEx CRC, which received $50m in federal funding, plus $165m in cash and kind from partners. They’ll work on new technologies to increase opportunities for mineral discovery. Creating more productive, economical, safer and environmentally friendly methods to discover and drill out deposits.

The Fight Food Waste CRC received $30m in government funding, plus over $100m from their partners. They will support industry-led collaborations between researchers, industry and the community to address the issue of food waste and help the Government to fulfil its National Food Waste Strategy commitment to halve food waste in Australia.

The Future Fuels CRC received $26.25m, with a further $64.6m of cash and in-kind funding from CRC participants. They will undertake research and development to provide more options to Australian consumers for low-carbon energy at competitive prices. The research will look at opportunities to adapt existing infrastructure for the production, transport and storage of sustainable future fuels such as hydrogen and biogas.

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