24hr Global Muster on Future Processing

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Amira Global is partnering with ALTA2020 to co-ordinate a the 24hr Global Muster on Future Processing on the key issues facing mineral processing and extractive metallurgy.

Spanning a full 24 hours, Amira will host conversations, discussions, panels, workshops and roadmapping allowing the world to collaborate and shine a light on the latest advances, showcase research, development, technology, innovation and implementation.

Dr Aleksandar Nikoloski, Associate Professor, Academic Chair | Extractive Metallurgy at Murdoch University (https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandar-nikoloski/) will chair the Muster.

Help shape a step change in Mineral Processing.
This is an opportunity to grow our industry’s global
capability and expertise!

If Australian Institute of Geoscientists has technology, project or ideas to demonstrate advances in mineral processing or extractive metallurgy please email to Sara Sulway (sara.sulway@amira.global)

Please lodge your interest at https://amira.global/globalmuster-futureprocessing/ .We will get back to you with your timeslot, login and preparation information.