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In Situ Leach Uranium


In Situ Leach Uranium

The Uranium Industry Framework (UIF) established in August 2005 by the then Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, the Hon, Ian Mcfarlane released its report in November 2006.  Some 20 recommendations were made to allow opportunities to be realised and impediments to uranium resource developments addressed.Recommendation 4 called for a paper and relevant supporting material to be prepared to “provide information to ensure that the JORC Code is properly understood and applied, and to include case studies related to uranium mining, particularly in relation to in situ leach mining”.

This paper, from the JORC web site and previously published in the AusIMM Bulletin, suggests practices that are consistent with the JORC Code, but should not be seen as constituting a formal addition to the code.

The article was first published in the AusIMM Bulletin and is reproduced here with permission.