AEGC 2019 Presentations

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AEGC 2019 Presentations

September 2-5, 2019
Perth, Australia

Keynote Presentation: Known, absent and potential mineral deposit types in Australia
David Groves

Keynote Presentation: The geological characteristics, geochemical signature and geophysical expression of porphyry copper-(gold) deposits in the circum-Pacific region
Steve Garwin

The role of geochemistry in understanding mineral systems
Carl Brauhart

Drillhole Rugosity Correction for Gamma-Gamma Density Tools – A Space Modelling Approach
Dragos Gavriliu

The Science of Discovery – From Exploration 1.0 to Discovery 2.0
Tim Craske

Century Zn deposit – the world’s largest meteorite impacted orebody
Finbarr Murphy

Old Data, Changed Times, New Resource? A Case Study. Barrytown New Zealand, Ilmenite Garnet Gold Zircon
Graham Lee

Litho-structural Controls on Mineralisation at the Pillara Carbonate-hosted Zn-Pb Deposit, Lennard Shelf District, Western Australia
Dennis Arne

The Discovery and Geology of Sinclair, Australia’s first Caesium Deposit.
David Crook

Viability of Long-Short Term Memory Neural Networks for Seismic Refraction First Break Detection – A Preliminary Study
Tasman Gillfeather-Clark

The power of the crowd & open data – learnings from the OZ Minerals Explorer open innovation challenge
Holly Bridgwater Ian Anderson

The Mineral Factory: How to Build a Giant Quartz Reef
Lisa Tannock

Hydrothermal dolomite distribution in the Emanuel Range as a constraint on timing of fault movement during mineralisation on the Lennard Shelf, Western Australia
Dennis Arne

Maximising the value of 2D hard rock seismic acquisition at Escondida Porphyry Copper Mine
Heather Schijns

Utilising potential field modelling to better inform on the 3D structural architecture in regions of excellent structural control
Robin Armit

New insights into the offshore Canning Basin using a seamless onshore/offshore seismic stratigraphic model.
Christopher Yule

West Australian Gold Resources: Crisis or Hubris?
Julian Vearncombe

Pilgangoora Lithium-Tantalum Project: Deposit geology and new constraints on rare-metal pegmatite genesis
John Holmes

Geophysical expression of the Meyers Crater, a new meteorite impact crater discovered in the Coolgardie Goldfield of Western Australia
Jayson Meyers

Driving the paradigm shift of near surface exploration geochemistry using ultrafine soils
Ryan Noble

Application of passive seismic and AEM to 3D paleochannel imaging: Capricorn Orogen
Sara Jakica

A series of confusing measurements in the search for water
Chris Wijns

Characterising Lithium Host Minerals within the Lateritic Duricrust, Greenbushes, Western Australia
Sophie Vuleta

Structural setting and controls on Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation at Nova-Bollinger, Fraser Zone, W.A.
Jonathan Standing

Resolving Structural Uncertainty using DAS VSP Survey in Central Australia

Structural modification of the Jaguar VHMS Zn-Cu-Ag deposits, Yilgarn Craton, W.A.
Jonathan Standing

Analysis of Geophysical Datasets for Coastal Vulnerability and Asset Management
Peter Eccleston

Case studies on the application of passive seismic horizontal to vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) surveying for heavy mineral sand exploration
Nigel Cantwell

From a Mining Mindset to Regional Discovery: A Case Study for Hematite Iron Ore Exploration in Mauritania
Bert De Waele

Refraction tomography at the Nova Ni-Cu mine
Ian James

Orogenic gold deposits: part of a global dynamic conjunction between subduction and gold
David Groves

Orogenic gold deposits: part of a global dynamic conjunction between subduction and gold
David Groves

Integrating a Minerals Systems Approach with Machine Learning: A Case Study of ‘Modern Minerals Exploration’ in the Mt Woods Inlier – northern Gawler Craton, South Australia
Mark Rieuwers

Update on the geophysical expression of the Abra sedimentary replacement Pb-Ag-Cu-Au deposit, Western Australia
David Stannard

The Mineral Systems Atlas – delivering greater value from precompetitive geoscience data
Sidy Morin-Ka

Formation of Very Thick Permian Coal Seams, Cooper Basin, Australia
Gregory Smith

Application of multi-element geochemistry in the weathered environment: Controls, considerations and implications for exploration
Fiona Best

Why storytelling matters…especially in mineral exploration
Ahmad Saleem

“Is it pyrite, or a shed?”: intricacies of Induced Polarisation surveying near grounded metallic infrastructure
Regis Neroni