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The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG) is the leading professional institute representing geoscientists employed in all sectors of industry, education, research and government throughout Australia. AIG is a not for profit organisation, run by members for members, which aims to advance the skills, status and public perception of more than 3,000 members both within Australia and overseas.

Moonrise over the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia
Moonrise over the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia

At the 2022 Annual General Meeting, the membership endorsed a new AIG Constitution.

The broad base of the AIG encourages transfer of technical expertise, experience and awareness of issues affecting all aspects of professional geoscience practice. AIG members agree to comply with a strong and enforceable Code of Ethics as a condition of Institute admission. The Code of Ethics is supported by fair and transparent complaints investigation and resolution processes.

The Institute’s Board has determined that members must also comply with several standards of best practice, including the JORC Code which regulates public reporting of exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves by Competent Persons on behalf of Australian and New Zealand Stock Exchange listed companies and the VALMIN Code which is a standard of best practice for mineral securities valuation. Appropriately qualified and experienced members also have access to reciprocal arrangements covering similar public reporting activities in a number of countries overseas.

Members have access to an extensive range of continued professional development opportunities through AIG organised technical talks, seminars and conferences, and structured, self-paced on-line training through a dedicated EduMine campus. AIG talks, seminars and conferences double as excellent networking opportunities where members can interact and share experiences and ideas with their peers.

Members receive a quarterly member magazine, AIG News, and may elect to receive both national and state-based email newsletters with information about upcoming events and topical issues affecting their profession. AIG also maintains a members-only group on LinkedIn as a venue for lively discussion of professional issues.

AIG maintains an extensive network of contacts with overseas geoscience organisations to help keep members abreast of issues affecting professional geoscientists globally.

Additional benefits of membership include access to specialist professional insurance services which are of particular benefit to self-employed members.

More information about AIG is provided in the pages of this website.

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