AIG Bursary Awards 2007

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Robin Armit  Monash Geodynamic evolution of a Proterozoic crustal scale shear zone: constraints from deformation, metamorphism and geochemistry  Bonwick – AIG Honours Bursary
Lachlan Hallett  Adelaide Pressure-temperature conditions and kinematic framework of the Petermann Orogeny central Musgrave Province  PIRSA – AIG Honours Bursary
Catherine Loye  Adelaide The tectonic reworking of the southern Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica  Kagara – AIG Honours Bursary
Grant Mockunas  Ballarat Hydrogeology and salinity processes in the Mt Mercer – Illabrook area  AIG Honours Bursary
Ruth Musgrave  Monash Computational modelling of compressional deformation in layered geological structures  AIG Honours Bursary
Thomas Raimondo Adelaide A kinematic, metamorphic, geochemical and geochronological framework for intracratonic reworking in the western Musgrave Block,central Australia PIRSA – AIG Honours Bursary
Rachel Skelly Vazey Newcastle Preliminary Investigations into the use of Moderan and fossil Coral Reef-Flat Microatolls (Porites Lutea) as Reliable Indicators of Sub-Tropical Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Surface Salinity in the Southern Cook Islands AIG Honours Bursary
Matthew De Paoli Sydney The eclogite-granulite transition: a case study in Breaksea Sound, New Zealand AIG Postgraduate Bursary
Zarah Heyworth  Queensland Identifying the nature and temporal evolution of the multi-component sources of subduction zone magmas  Terra Search – AIG Postgraduate Bursary
Megan Hough  Monash Application of 3D modelling to  mineral exploration under cover: the Woods Point – Walhalla Gold Region, Victoria  SMEDG – AIG Postgraduate Bursary


AIG Bursary award winners at the 2007 SMEDG-AIG bursary presentation in Sydney. From left to right: Kim Stanton-Cook (SMEDG), Matthew De Paoli (AIG Postgraduate bursary winner, University of Sydney), Megan Hough (SMEDG-AIG Bursary winner, Monash University), Wendy Corbett (SMEDG and AIG NSW Branch), Chris Torrey (SMEDG), Sam Lees (AIG NSW Branch), Rachel Skelly Vazey (AIG Honours Bursary Winner, Newcastle University).