JORC and XRF Reporting; From Your President; Geophysics holding Geology to Account – Chris Wijns; Letters; Yasur Volcano – Vanuatu – Still very Active – Mike Erceg; Editor’s Desk; Obituary – Bill Lacy; WA Branch AIG-GSA Christmas Cruise Snaps – Staff; Porphyry Field Mapping Course – Greg Corbett; Impressions of the Porphyry Field Mapping Course – Cameron Perks; Tertiary Geoscience Education at Cross Roads – Dr. Trevor Powell; Uncover Initiative; Education; Honours Abstract – Genesis of the Central Zone of the Nolans Nore REE Deposit, NT; RPGeo Approvals and Applications.

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Public Reporting of Industrial Minerals, From Your President, Indiana Drones — High Tech Exploration and Mining, Book Review — Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience Practice and Ethics, Fifth Edition, Open Source Software, Geophysics Holding Geology to Account, Part 2: Siting mine infrastructure, Letters to the Editor, AIG Council and Committee Chairs, 2014–2015, Branch News — WA: Climate Change and tomorrow’s world, Branch News — QLD: GIS Seminar, Postgraduate Student Bursary Report: Geochemistry and Landscape Evolution of a Late Miocene – Pliocene Strandplain in the Murray Basin, SE Australia, Education Report, Shark Bay Field Trip, 2014 — Kent Street Senior High School, Yilgarn Field Trip, 2014 — Kent Street Senior High School, AIG’s New Membership Information Management System, RPGeo Program — Approvals and Applications.

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The Arguments for and Against Shale Oil and Gas Developments; From Your President; Moura Mine Disaster – 20th Anniversary; Retaining Young Professionals in Mining; Hidden Water; Letters Page; Queensland Branch News; Ethics: On-Line Survival (the Dog Ate My Homework); Building Australia’s Resource Wealth; AIG Presence at the Australian Earth Science Convention 2014; AESC – Student Reports; Kimberley Rock Art Paints – Archaelogical Implications of Geochemistry and Mineralogy; Education Report; AIG Geoscope; Geoscience Pathways Project, South Australlia; AIG NSW Bursary Winners Presentations; NSW Branch News; WA Branch News; SA Branch News; June Quarter Geoscientist Employment Statistics; Registered Professional Geoscientists Approvals and Applications; Membership Updates.

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I want to complain – lead article; Presidents Report; Grade Expectations; Swarming – New Satellite Geomagnetic Data; Trust Me – I’m Competent; AIG National Graduate Group; Letter to Editor; Take Home Messages – Gold’14@Kalgoorlie Symposium; Suzy Urbaniak wins WIMWA 2014 Award; Education Report; Branch News: NSW; Branch News: WA; Branch News: VIC; RPGEO Approvals and Applications; New Members.

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