AIG Bursary Awards 2008

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 Erin Gray  Curtin Microstructural characterization of olivine and implications for mantle geodynamics Geoconferences – AIG Honours Bursary
 Michael Hawtin  QUT Volcanic facies architecture and geologic controls of the Mount Coolon Epithermal system, Central Queensland Kagara – AIG Honours Bursary
Ben McGee  Adelaide Feedback between deformation& melting: A case study from the Challenger Gold Mines, South Australia PIRSA – AIG Honours Bursary
 Erin Carswell  Melbourne Understanding post-glacial, basal-Ediacaran cap Dolostones: Enigmantic features, controversial origin, global significance Bonwick – AIG Honours Bursary
 Vashti Singh  Sydney Oil migration in the mesoproterozoic Roper Superbasin, Northern Australia: An Assessment of Fluid Inclusions & Solid Bitumen (SMEDG –AIG presentation: click here) AIG Honours Bursary
 Scott Stephan  Queensland A structural study of the Carbine Creek area (Dajarra): Implications to the crustal architecture of the Mount Isa Inlier Terra Search – AIG Honours Bursary
 Anna McAllister  Melbourne Stratigraphy, sedimentology and diagenesis of the Discovery Formation, Sepon District, Laos Digirock – AIG Honours Bursary
 Glen Diemar  Western Sydney Supergene gochemical dispersion of antimony and an exploration model for antimony ore deposits. (SMEDG – AIG  presentation: click here) SMEDG – AIG Honours Bursary
 Sandra McCullough  Melbourne A Neoproterozoic carbonate Reef in the Flinders Ranges AIG Honours Bursary
 Jenna Sharp  Monash A geological study of two of the potential landing sites for the Mars science laboratory rover AIG Honours Bursary
 Ryan Portner  Macquarie Sedimentology of volcaniclastic facies in a mid-ocean spreading ridge environment, Macquarie Island (SMEDG – AIG presentation: click here) AIG Postgraduate Bursary
 Marissa Land  JCU Evidence of palaeoclimatic & oceanographic change since 23 Ma AIG Postgraduate Bursary
 Grant Cox  Adelaide N/A AIG Third Year Bursary
 Clare Murdoch  Adelaide N/A AIG Third Year Bursary
 Christian Pike  Ballarat N/A AIG Third Year Bursary
 Derek Walters  Ballarat N/A AIG Third Year Bursary
 Benjamin Hames  UWA N/A Consolidated Minerals – AIG Third Year Bursary
Fiona High UWA N/A Consolidated Minerals – AIG Third Year Bursary