AIG Service Award

An award for outstanding service by a member to the AIG

The AIG Service Award recognises members for meritorious service to the AIG.  Any member may nominate another member for the award.  The award is bestowed occasionally, with a maximum of one per year.

Selection Criteria

  • Nominees must be a current member (any membership category) of AIG.
  • Nominees will be proposed by any AIG member but otherwise the names of nominees will remain strictly confidential.
  • The judgement of outstanding service will be left to the discretion of the AIG Board after consideration of a recommendation from the Service Award Committee.
  • Service should have been through an AIG Committee or Council/Board for a sustained period or periods amounting to 10 years or more
  • The service must have resulted in an outstanding contribution to the AIG’s objectives or the delivery of services to members.
  • Outstanding in this context means a measurable improvement in the reputation or profile of AIG and/or the geoscience profession.
  • The Board decision to make the award must be unanimous.
  • Entries will be made on an award form, which will be sent to the Director selected to head the Service Award committee. The committee will consist of a minimum of three members consisting of one councillor and two AIG members, preferably from different states as it is envisaged that the person receiving the award will be well known nationally. The members of the committee will be approved by the Board.
  • The award will consist of a certificate and a medal. It should be presented at an AIG sponsored or related function at which the nominee would normally attend.
  • The award will feature in the AIG News and on the AIG website.
  • The award does not have to be made on a regular basis and a maximum of one service award each year can be made.

The Chair of the Service Award Committee is Dale Sims who can provide further information.

Our thanks and congratulations to our past winners for their service and contributions

2009 Mike Smith

2010 Kaylene Camuti

2015 Rick Rogerson

2016 Geoff Turner

2017 Doug Young