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AIG Western Austraia Branch and MEGWA: Presentations

This page provides links to presentations made various WA Branch based Seminars and Events.

AIG WA Lithium & Graphite Seminar – 15th August 2016

Full videos of the presentations are available for viewing in the YouTube playlist below. Click here to view on YouTube

Presentation of talks include:

Jason Chesters, Patersons – Graphite & Lithium markets—perception and reality

John Sykes /Alan Trench, CET-UWA – Entering complex concave metal markets: lessons from the previous lithium and rare earths boom for the current lithium and graphite booms

Andrew Scogings, CSA Global – Global review of Li and C

Lee Hassan, GSWA – Review of lithium and graphite deposits of Western Australia

Pat Scallan, Tallison Lithium Greenbushes – Powered by lithium

Andrew Spinks, Kibaran Resources – Development of Epanko graphite deposit for the high growth battery markets

Camilo de los Hoyos, SRK Argentina – An overview on brine exploration and resource/reserve estimation

Peter Adamini, Independent, Metallurgical Operations Pty Ltd – Graphite processing—options for lab testing and scaling up to production

Simon Walshe/Simon Willis, Simulus Group – Brine solubility modelling with OLI and SysCAD—the best of bothworlds

David Crook, Pioneer Resources – Exploring for LCT pegmatites in both Canada and Australia

Evgenia Lebedeva – Analytical and mineralogical aspects of Li and C analysis

Michael Cunningham, SRK Consulting – An overview of graphite projects from Asia to East Africa

Mark Pearce, CSIRO – Characterisation (mineralogy/microstructures of the Nunasvaara graphite deposit, Talga Resources Sweden,

Mark Thompson, Talga Resources – Innovative process for large-scale production of graphene directfrom raw graphite ore

Grant Louw, CSA Global – Common pitfalls in graphite resource estimation


MEGWA – May 2016

Exploration: inspiration & perspiration
With a double shot of desperation, a dash of luck, and maybe a topping of elation
Mark Bennett, Managing Director & CEO, S2 Resources

MEGWA – June 2015

Exploration Success in Mature Gold Regions
The Kundana Pegasus discovery and other examples from the Kalgoorlie district.
Darren Cooke, Geology and LTP Manager, Northern Star Kalgoorlie Ops

Proterozoic Terranes of West Australia Geological Models and Exploration Success
– A One Day Seminar

Monday May 25th, 2015

Hot Geothermal Gradients of The Australian Proterozoic: Implications for Granite-Related Mineral Systems
Lesley Wyborn – NCI and RSES, Australian National University

The Birth of supercontinents and the Proterozoic assembly of Western Australia
Simon Johnson – Government of Western Australia – Department of Mines and Petroleum

Geodynamic evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Capricon Orogen and associated metallogeny
Simon Johnson, FJ Korhonen Z-W Zi, L Roche, B Rasmussen, J Muhling, D Dunkley, AM Thorne, IM Tyler, S Sheppard, HN Cutten, IR Fletcher, H Yuan, R Murdie, MC Dentith – Government of Western Australia – Department of Mines and Petroleum

Crustal scale Cluedo from the Albany- Fraser Orogen: isotopic evidence of its affinity
CL Kirkland, CV Spaggiari, RH Smithies, MTD Wingate, E Belousova, Y Greau

Base Metals Exploration in the Paterson
Encounter Resources Limited

Proterozoic Gold
Vic Wall – Vic Wall and Associates, Steve Massey – Western Geoscience, Greg Hall – Golden Phoenix International

Evolution on the edge – the Proterozoic Albany-Fraser Orogen and associated metallogeny
Catherine Spaggiari, Chris Kirkland, Hugh Smithies, Wolfgang Maier – Geological Survey of WA

The Mesoproterozoic geological evolution of the Musgrave Province: The Burning Heart

HM Howard, RH Smithies, CL Kirkland, R Quentin de Gromard, WD Maier

AIG WA Remote Sensing Seminar Presentations

The AIG Remote Sensing Seminar was held by our WA Branch in March 2014. Please see below for presentation files presented on the day, available for viewing and download.
2014 A Sensational Year for Satellites 
Natalie Dalgleish, GeoImage

Field Geologist’s Guide to Obtaining and using Landsat 8 and Landgate/Slip Data 
Grant Boxer, Consultant Geologist

AIG Remote Sensing Conference: A Geophysical Perspective in Remote Sensing Interpretations
Bruce Craven, Southern Geoscience

For When 2D is Not Enough: Geoimage Offers Relief
Owain Stratton & Max Bye, GeoImage

Aster Satellite Imagery: Implementation of data interpretation with case histories
Peter Wilson, Earthscan Pty Ltd

Extracting mineralogical information for exploration using new ASTER mineral maps, integrated with DEMS, geophysics, and vegetation fractional cover information
R Hewson, D Robson, A Mauger, T Cudahy, M Thomas, Simon Jones, Geological Survey of New South Wales, RMIT University

History of Remote Sensing in Geological Exploration
Dr Alan J Mauger, DMITRE

3D Mineral Mapping from Fresh Rock to Space
Carsten Laukamp, CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering/Minerals Down Under Research Flagship Program

Philosophy & Photogeological Case Histories
Nick Lockett & Associates Pty Ltd

Data Visualisation Tools for the Delineation of Strictures on Potential Field Data
Peter Kovesi, Eun-Jung Holden, Jason Wong, Centre for Exploration Targeting, Curtain University, The University of Western Australia

The use of remotely-sensed data in regolith map production
Nadir de Souza Kovacs, Geological Survey of Western Australia

Regolith Landform Mapping in West Africa using Airborne Geophysics and Remove Sensing Data in a Neural-Network
Vaclav Metlka, Centre for Exploration Targeting

MEGWA 18 March 2015

The Canadian-Australian Connection: a significant grass roots Zn discovery in the Monashee Mountains of southern British Columbia, Canada, presented by Colin Dunn.

Click here for a PDF copy of the presentation (large file – 41.2 Mbytes)