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Amy Cockerton Monash The liquid bismuth collector model: An analysis of the Stormont Au-Bi prospect, Tasmania (SMEDG – AIG presentation: click here) SMEDG – AIG Honours Bursary
Katherine Farrow Macquarie The behaviour of isotopes in migmatites and granite production: a case study from Mt Stafford, Central Australia AIG Honours Bursary
Campbell Harvey Adelaide Architecture and evolution of the Central Eastern Ghats Province: Araku-Paderu-Visakhapatnam AIG Honours Bursary
Anne Horvath Melbourne Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater at an Australian Gold Mine: Investigating the Potential for in situ Bioremediation AIG Honours Bursary
Joanna Kowalczyk Monash Hydrocarbon prospectivity, stratigraphy and structural architecture of the Southern Bass Basin – a detailed synthesis employing integrated basin studies and applied palaeontology AIG Honours Bursary
Rhys Lennings Queensland Geology, alteration and geochemistry of a hydrothermal system at Gossans West, Central Queensland AIG Honours Bursary
Zoe Martin Queensland The Formation of Enriched Iron Ore Bodies at Carajás, Pará State, Brazil: Petrographic and Geochemical Constraints Terra Search – AIG Honours Bursary
Laura Morrissey Adelaide Grenvillian-aged reworking in the Warumpi Province, central Australia: constraints from geochronology and metamorphic phase equilibria PIRSA – AIG Honours Bursary
Michael Steele Curtin Petrophysical modelling using self-organising maps Digirock – AIG Honours Bursary
William Teale Adelaide The structure, geochronology and geochemistry of the Kadavur Dome, South India AIG Honours Bursary
Sabin Zahirovic Sydney AIG Honours Bursary     Geodynamics of the India-Eurasia Collision (SMEDG – AIG presentation: click here) AIG Honours Bursary
Mark Burdett Monash The role of volatile-rich melts on the distribution of PGE in magmatic systems Geoconferences – AIG Postgraduate Bursary
Ben McGee Adelaide Tectonic Evolution and Palaeoenvironment within Western Gondwana; evidence from the southern Congo craton, Namibia, and the Paraguay Belt, Brazil. AIG Postgraduate Bursary
Michael Archer QUT N/A AIG Third Year Bursary
Sharon English Curtin N/A Bonwick – AIG Third Year Bursary
Michael Gill UTAS N/A Cryptodome – AIG Third Year Bursary
Amberley Murray ANU N/A Cryptodome – AIG Third Year Bursary
Natalie Reid JCU N/A AIG Third Year Bursary


2010 qld awards photo_flipped

2010 Qld bursary winners at the AIG Qld Christmas Party. From L to R: Rhys Lennings, UQ, AIG Honours bursary winner; Zoe Martin, UQ, Terra Search-AIG Honours bursary winner; Michael Archer, QUT, AIG Third Year bursary winner.