February 2009 AIGnews_09-02_feb09_thumb The dyke that sank the goldfield that saved Queensland, Geological walks in East Africa, Evidence for correlation between nuclear decay rates and Earth – Sun distance, Climate – a blast from the past

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May 2009 AIGnews_09-05_may09_thumb New Ideas in Science, Volcanic Tornados, Analysis of the 20th Century Australian Temperature Trend, the Hansen-Mars Challenge, Surviving the Downturn

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August 2009 AIGnews_09-08_aug09_thumb Controls on Structures and Mineralisation in Central Victoria, AIG Climate debate, New ideas in science, JORC Code revision, Why the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets are Not Collapsing

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November 2009 AIGnews_09-11_nov09_thumb What are in-situ gold resources worth?, African Desert Rift Confirmed as New Ocean in the Making, Global Warming Debate, The New Paradigm of Risk Assessment Under Global Warming, Science in Turmoil — Are we Funding Fraud? Anthropogenic Global Warming: What if We’re Wrong, and What if They’re Wrong?

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