The Chappell-White Legacy; From Your President; IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium; The New World Order in Science; Sustainable Development The Ring of Fire, Ontario Canada; Geology, Terroir and Wine; Editor’s Desk; Xmas Cruise Happy Snaps; 34th IGC Attendance Reports; Student Abstracts; Education Report; Membership News and RPGeo Approvals and Applications; The Back Page.

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AIG RPGeo Program; President’s Report; AIG/SJS Workshop – Geology of Gold; AIG Employment Survey; JORC Issues – The Value of the Independent QA/QC Audit for Sampling and Analysis Procedures; Gold – The Metal and Deposit Price Relationship; Risk Management and Insurance for Geoscientists; Kent Street High School Yilgarn Craton Field Trip, 2013; Education Report.

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New Structural Observations and Tectonic Model for Part of the Granites-Tanami Orogen; From Your President; Editor’s Comment; Solar Magnetic Field Flip Flop; New Black Smoker Vents off Norway; Ore Sniffing Dogs – Finding New Deposits; SMEDG Harbour Cruise – some Photos; Letters to the Editor; ABC Q&A Program – Jakarta – Bill Hewitt’s Experience; Drilling Seminar – WA Branch; Lost Piece of Pangaea Found?; Curtin University Mining Challenge; AIG Fellows – Steve Garwin; Education Report; AIG Medal 2012; Missing AIG Members; RPGeo Approvals and Applications; Membership Update.

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Lead Article – The Fourth Phase of Water: An EZ Phase to Add?; From Your President;Some Historic Comments about the Great Artesian Basin; Conference Report — 40th IAH 2013 Perth Congress; A Canary’s View of the Mining Boom and Bust Cycle; Say’s Law and the Boom Bust Cycle — Another Look; Book Review — The Birth of Supercontinents and the Proterozoic Assembly of Western Australia; Earth’s Mantle Affects Long-Term Sea-Level Rise Estimates; Finding Opportunities in the Downturn; Short Course Review; Mines and Wines 2013 — Sampling the Tasmanides; Education Report; Honours Abstract — Luke George, Trace and Minor Elements in Galena — A Reconnaissance LA-ICP-MS Study; Honours Abstract — Rhiannon Fullard, Using Provenance and Palaeoenvironments to Assess Tectonic Influences in Archaean Greenstone Belts; Kent Street High School — Shark Bay EES Field Trip 2013; Careers Night A Big Hit; Computer Games and Quizzes — Year 8’s Inspire the Next Generation; RPGeo Update and On the Significance of RPGeo Fields of Practice; RPGeo Approvals and Applications; Membership Update September Council Meeting 2013.

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