The Unicorn Mo-Cu-Ag porphyry in northeast Victoria is the first Climax-type Mo discovery in Australia and heralds a newly emerging molybdenite province within the SE Lachlan Fold Belt,(LFB), with some spatial analogies to the Urad Climax-type Mo deposit at Red Mountain, Colorado. Exploring basal sections of Unicorn may reveal analogies to basal areas of Urad, where indications of remanent high Mo grades exist, now largely destroyed by the Red Mountain Porphyry from eruptive processes.

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Skills Shortage in Mining Industry, Draft Senior Secondary Curriculum, Production of Money on the Market, The Strange Case of Solar Flares and Radioactive Elements, IGC News, Resource Evaluation and Mining, Ian Plimer Book Launch, The Sun Rules Our Climate – Obviously, Education Report, Abstract – Thermal Structure of the Otway Basin, South Eastern Australia 26Abstract – Metamorphic and geochronolical constraints on the Kalinjala Shear Zone, Eyre Peninsula, Abstract – The petrogenesis and FeTiO accumulation of the Youanmi Igneous Complex (Yilgarn Craton), Western Australia, Abstract – A comparative study of fossil site AL90 with two nearby sites, Riversleigh World Heritage Area, NW QLD, Abstract – Hydrothermal alteration, ore fluid characteristics and mechanisms for Au deposition at the Wallaby Gold Deposit, Laverton WA.

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Novarupta – the Most Powerful Volcanic Eruption of the 20th Century, Surprise Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand, Science Held Hostage in Climate Debate, Coal Slag Heap Designated World Heritage Site, Report from Australian Geoscience Council, JORC Workshop – Reporting Exploration Results, IUGS Position Statement on Sustainable Development, AIG Council 2012—2013.

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Who owns Intellectual Property ?; From Your President; Exploration: Value Drivers and Price Determining Methodologies; Women in Mining Breakfast & Structural Geology and Resources Symposium; 34th IGC Student Reports by: Emma Johnston, Leeann Hally, Carissa Isaac; AIG’s Role at the 34th IGC; The Self Serving System of Peer Review; 1st Core to Crust Fluid Systems: Centre of Excellence Advisory, Council Report; AIG Postgraduate Bursary Winner — U-Pb Shrimp Geochronology of the Sybella Microgranite: Is there a link to U-REE Prospects at Mt Isa?; 6th International Earth Science Olympiad; Education Report; New Members and RPGEO Applications.

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