Australian Mineral Discoverers 1950-2010

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Australian Mineral Discovers 1950-2010 has been published recently by the Royal Society of Tasmania.

Editors: John Hill, Tony Hope, Ross Large and David Royle

Mineral discoveries in the 1950 to 2010 period have been the backbone of wealth creation for all Australians and helped to maintain Australia’s economic position as the “Lucky Country”. However, discovery of buried minerals is an extremely complex science that requires knowledge, innovation, disciplined application of geological principles, teamwork, persistence and an ounce of luck.

In this book you will read 65 exciting and sometimes unbelievable stories of the life and achievements of a cross section of Australian mineral explorers and educators who have advanced the science of discovery and contributed to the wealth of Australia for all Australians. Without these mineral discoveries, most in remote and inhospitable parts of Australia, many of us would not enjoy the high standards of living achieved in this country.

The stories told in these pages include the discovery of 150 mineral deposits, from the very largest (Olympic Dam of over 6 billion tonnes of copper gold and uranium ore) to the smallest (the gold rich Juno deposit in Tennant Creek). Collectively these mineral discoveries amount to many 100’s of billions of in ground value, that have supported many mines, towns and communities in outback Australia for 50 years and beyond.