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This position is based at picturesque Richmond, situated 500km west of Townsville on the banks of the Flinders River. The Shire of Richmond is approximately 26,000 square kilometres in the heart of Queensland. Richmond is a hive of activity during tourist season (April to October), and there are numerous weekend activities from sporting meets to dance balls to dinosaur fossil digs.

A large recreational lake is used for water sports while the numerous park areas provide cool grassy spots to rest awhile. The surrounding region has all the beauty and dramatic landscapes of the outback.


The Position

The Interpretation Manager and Curator actively undertakes the collection, preparation, interpretation and display of local fossils in order to improve the ability of the centre to attract visitors. The Curator will work closely with Council and other agencies to secure the long–term sustainability of the centre through promotions, public activities and applications to granting bodies. The Curator will actively encourage local community involvement through liaison, fieldwork activities and educational services.

The Curator will provide high standard scientific information to the public through cooperation with the Queensland Museum and the development and presentation of education, display and collection projects. The Curator will be expected to participate in professional development activity agreed with the Richmond Shire Council’s CEO.


The Person

The successful applicant will be assessed on communication, displays personal drive and integrity in achieving outcomes for the position, supports strategic direction and supports productive working relationships.

Essential qualifications include, Degree in Biology, Vertebrate Zoology, Palaeontology or Geology from a recognised tertiary institution, or equivalent academic qualifications.


The Remuneration

Will be based on skill, knowledge and experience over a two year contract agreed between the Kronosaurs Korner Board Inc. and the successful applicant.


Further Information

The specific application documentation and Position Description for this vacancy can be found on Kronosaurus Korner website www.kronosauruskorner.com.au or Richmond Shire Council’s employment webpage at www.richmond.qld.gov.au. For further information on this position or information about Richmond please contact Megan Carrigan on telephone (07) 4741 3277 or email jobs@richmond.qld.gov.au or visit the above mentioned websites.

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Closing Date

The closing date for applications is: 9am Friday 11 December, 2015.
Please send your application form along with your resume (including at least 2 referees) to:

Peter Bennett
Kronosaurus Korner Board Inc.
C/- PO Box 18, Richmond Q 4822
Or Email: jobs@richmond.qld.gov.au