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Gold24 International Symposium



GoldXX events are known for their ground-breaking science, high quality and controversial presentations, and being good fun. The first meeting was Gold82 in Harare.
Gold84 was in Barberton and memorable for the lively debate about syngenesis and epigenesis. Gold86 was in Toronto, and Gold88 in Melbourne was a large meeting with extremely controversial talks. Gold91 was in Belo Horizonte. More recently, the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (Western Australia branch) AIG-WA has run several GoldXX meetings in Kalgoorlie and Rotorua. The last meeting was Gold19 in Perth. All meetings fostered the ongoing collaboration between exploration, mining, government, and academia.


  • The future for the gold business
  • Origin of the heavy metals including gold
  • Geology of gold deposits
  • Gold-copper
  • Exploration management
  • Mine geology
  • Case studies
READ HERE: History of GoldXX Symposia


The symposium, short courses and field trips are aimed at anyone with a graduate degree in geology and interested in gold exploration, mining, and research.

Past meetings have attracted company directors, senior managers, government, academia, exploration and mine geologists. We hold the events in Perth and Kalgoorlie with the specific aim of being accessible to exploration and mine geologists in the early stage of their careers.


We are seeking additional sponsors.

Sponsors will receive on-going exposure of your name and logo on symposium materials, an optional trade booth and two delegates. We are pleased to discuss your needs including the bulk booking of delegates. Contact

Symposium Keynote Speakers

This list is subject to change.

Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
David Blair University of Western Australia How to make gold
Dave Craw University Otago Detrital gold: Resilient exploration tracer mineral and perennial resource target
Melanie Finch James Cook University Shear zone copper-gold deposits, Queensland, hydrothermal gold deposits in ductile shear zones during tectonic switches
Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez CSIRO, Perth Targeting gold in deeply and intensely weathered landscapes
Steve Garwin Consultant, Perth Successful methods in the exploration and discovery of porphyry Cu-Au deposits
Rich Goldfarb Consultant, USA Gold ores: where, when, and why
David Groves Orebusters, Perth & China University of Geoscience The enigmatic origin of orogenic gold systems: magmatic, crustal metamorphic, or sub-crustal sources with exploration inferences
Caitlin Jones Tect Geological Consulting, South Africa Greenstone-hosted gold of southern Africa, with a focus on the controls of auriferous mineralisation in the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Neil Phillips Universities Melbourne & Stellenbosch Science and modern gold exploration
John Ridley Colorado State University Hydrothermal gold deposits: what can we learn about
their genesis from their ore and fluid chemistry


Poster presentations comprise of a physical poster that will be displayed throughout the meeting and an optional five-minute oral presentation plus questions at the poster.

We are encouraging posters from both students and junior mine and exploration geologists describing their project.

Download the poster guideline document HERE.

Field Trips and Short Courses (Perth and Kalgoorlie)

Date Leader(s) Details
17-18 October Rich Goldfarb, Caitlin Jones, & Neil Phillips Short Course: Gold in time and space (PERTH)
19 October ALS Lab Visit: Gold analyses to support exploration and mining (half-day, morning) (PERTH)
19 October Rowena Duckworth Short Course: Microscopic gold, reflected light microscopy and paragenesis (PERTH)
21 October Steve Garwin and Roger Taylor Short Course: VisitPorphyry copper-gold systems – foundations and pathways towards discovery (PERTH)
25-26 October Nick Franey Short Course: Mineral Exploration Management (PERTH)
25 October Northern Star Resources Ltd Field Trip: Mine visit Kalgoorlie: Superpit and Mt Charlotte (underground) (KALGOORLIE)
26 October Gerard Tripp Field Tripp: Geology Eastern Goldfields (KALGOORLIE)
27 October Ivan Henderson Field Trip: Outcrop geology in the Kalgoorlie mineral field (KALGOORLIE)
28 October John Ridley Short Course: Geochemistry, ore fluids and gold (KALGOORLIE)
29 October Alicia Verbeeten (GSWA) Joe Lord Core Library (GSWA): Six Yilgarn Gold Deposits (KALGOORLIE)


Student Sponsorship

Full-time students who are student members of the AIG and have an accepted poster or oral presentation at Gold24 may apply to the AIG for support.
Student membership is at no charge.To apply for student membership, visit

For Gold24 student sponsorship including financial support towards registration, accommodation, and air travel contact Loraleen at the
AIG directly.

Email with your
• Name
• Course/research topic
• Department and University
• Title of your presentation

Costs and Registration

  • Symposium Registration fees
  • Non-Members  $1650, early bird rate $1,450
  • AIG Members, Members of Partner Organisations and Additional Sponsor Delegates  $1320, early bird rate $1,150
  • Full-time Students, Unemployed and Retired Members of the AIG (or Partners)  $770, early bird rate $550 (to cover catering costs)
  • *All fees and charges are in Australian dollars and include morning and afternoon tea/coffee, lunch as appropriate, and social functions
  • **Charges quoted here include Australian Government GST


Event Name Members Non-Members Students/Retired/Unemployed
Early bird Full rate Early bird Full rate Early bird Full rate
Gold24 International Symposium $1,150.00 $1,320.00 $1,450.00 $1,650.00 $550.00 $770.00
Short Course: Gold in Time and Space $800.00 $900.00 $1,000.00 $1,100.00 $280.00 $330.00
Lab Visit: Gold Analyses to Support Exploration and Mining FREE, registration required
Short Course: Microscopic Gold, Reflected Light Microscopy and Paragenesis $190.00 $210.00 $250.00 $275.00 $70.00 $80.00
Short Course: Porphyry Copper-Gold Systems – Foundations and Pathways Towards Discovery $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00
Short Course: Mineral Exploration Management – What are the Priorities? $780.00 $830.00 $900.00 $950.00 $300.00 $330.00
Mine Visit: Kalgoorlie Superpit and Mt. Charlotte Underground $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00
Field Trip: Geology of the Eastern Goldfields (Kalgoorlie) $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00
Field Trip: Outcrop Geology in the Kalgoorlie Mineral Field (Kalgoorlie) $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00
Short Course: Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Gold Mineralising Systems (Kalgoorlie) $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00
Six Yilgarn Gold Deposits: The Joe Lord Core Library Kalgoorlie $450.00 $485.00 $500.00 $550.00 $150.00 $165.00

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