NExUS-PD: Field Assessment of Gossans and Leached Caps

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NExUS-PD: Field Assessment of Gossans and Leached Caps


    Date(s) - Monday, 24/06/2024
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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NExUS-PD: Field Assessment of Gossans and Leached Caps

  • NExUS-Professional Development (NExUS-PD) workshops are very proud to be able to offer Roger Taylor’s highly regarded Field Assessment of Gossans and Leached Caps workshop online, co-presented by Dr. Richard Lilly.
  • This classic course introduces the principles and practices required for the visual field-scale assessment of leached outcrops for a range of deposit types. Special emphasis is placed on the surface expression of porphyry copper styles and their related oxide zones.
  • The workshop includes basic principles of oxidation above ore zones, formation of limonites, boxwork recognition and secondary mineral identification.

Session Summaries: (Each session approx. 90 minutes. Times TBC)

Session 1: Theoretical perspectives – Types of leached capping and gossans – Structural preservation – Limonite types and terminology.

Session 2: Secondary mineral recognition – factors governing their formation – Interpretation of assemblages (Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Ni, Ag) – Emphasis on copper oxide grouping.

Session 3: Boxworks and related features – Model(s) of development – Overprinting effects –  Rock versus sulphide styles – False boxworks.

Session 4: Porphyry copper – leached cappings – assessment – their links to supergene enrichment and the development of oxide zones.



Presented by:

Dr. Roger Taylor

Dr Roger Taylor has been involved with the exploration and mining industry for over 60 years operating as a practicing exploration / mine geologist and academic as Director of the Economic Geology Research Unit at James Cook University (1993-1998).

More recent activities include international consulting to numerous global mining companies, further development of a range of professional development courses, and petrological services. Major publications include books on tin deposits, ore textures-breccias, and gossans / leached outcrops. Major interests are magmatic related deposits, including tin, wolfram, porphyry copper, IOCG, and epithermal systems.


Dr. Richard Lilly

Dr. Richard Lilly has over 20 years experience spanning the industry-academia boundary. Working for Mount Isa Mines (2007-2015), and as an Embedded Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide, he has coordinated and supervised >70 applied research investigations on a diverse range of ore deposits from North West Queensland to South Australia. He co-founded the National Exploration Undercover School (NExUS) program in 2016 and was named South Australian STEMM educator of the year in 2022.


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    24 June 2024

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    9AM to 5PM (AEST)

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