Sn-W-Critical Metals & Associated Magmatic Systems


Date(s) - Monday, 24/06/2019 - Friday, 28/06/2019
All Day

Tinaroo Lake Resort


An EGRU conference with a session in honour of Dr Roger Taylor

24 – 28 June 2019 Tinaroo Lake Resort, Tinaroo, Atherton Tablelands, north Queensland, Australia

Critical Minerals, Strategic Metals, Endangered Elements

Regardless of what they’re called, governments are talking strategies to meet future demand, manufacturers are looking to identify future supplies, and geologists are leading the way in identifying the style, setting, and controls on mineralisation, and defining new approaches to exploration.

This timely EGRU conference on Sn-W-Critical Metals will give researchers and industry professionals a unique opportunity to hear international and Australian presenters discuss the latest research and concepts about the geology, mineralisation, and exploration for these increasingly important metals.  

The preliminary program includes presentations on:

  • New results, concepts and descriptions from deposits in North America, China, Europe, Africa, and Australia.
  • New ideas about mineralising processes.
  • New insights into the use of mineralogy and chemistry in understanding and exploring for mineralization.

Registration for the conference is now open. Information regarding delegate registration, the field trip and the accommodation options is available on our conference website

Please Note:

  • Delegate numbers are limited by the venue size – Register early!
  • Places on the one-day field trip are limited

The program will feature presentations from world-class researchers in the field, including:

Prof. Rolf Romer (GFZ, Potsdam, Germany)
Influence of protolith chemistry on the regional distribution of Phanerozoic magmatic tin deposits. 
Exogenic control on the distribution of endogenic Sn-W-Ta, Au, and U mineralization in the Appalachians and the Variscides

Dr Phillip Blevin (Mineral Systems, Geological Survey of NSW, Maitland, Australia)
The character, setting and genesis of magmas associated with Sn-W Critical Metal mineralisation eastern Australia.

Prof. Jingwen Mao (Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, China)
Geology and metallogeny of tungsten and tin deposits in China

Prof. Shao-Yong Jiang (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China)
Geological characteristic and ore genesis of typical rare metal deposits in China

Prof. Ryan Mathur (Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA)
Sn isotope fractionation in ores and rocks: genetic and exploration implications

Prof. David Cooke (CODES, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia)
Magmatic-hydrothermal features associates with Tasmanian tin granites

Dr Peter Pollard (Pollard Geological Services, Brisbane, Australia)
Magmatic and hydrothermal evolution of the Yichun Ta-Li-Sn deposit, China

Dr Yanbo Cheng (EGRU, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia)
New Sn & W Ore Exploration Toolkit: Chemistry of Zircon, Cassiterite and Volcanic Rocks

EGRU warmly welcomes academic, industry and government colleagues, including students and young professionals, to join us at the conference and take part in discussions while enjoying the glorious setting of the Atherton Tablelands in tropical far north Queensland.

Delegate numbers will be limited by the venue capacity.

Visit the conference web page or contact a conference convener for more information.

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