2019 OCT – Machine Learning – Applications in Mineral Exploration

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Machine Learning – Applications in Mineral Exploration Seminar Presentations

28th October 2019, Brisbane

Presentations by:

Lauren Maxwell (Global Ore Discovery) & Kane Maxwell (Peabody Energy)
Introuduction to Machine Learning for Mining Professionals

Tony Hampton (Imago)
Realising the Value of Your Geological Images

Marc-Antoine Laporte (SGS)
XploreIQ: Successfully Using Machine Learning in Exploration

Prof. Rick Valenta (UQ SMI)
Automated Geological Drill Core Logging Based on XRF Data Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods

Steve Sullivan (Maptek)
Building Geology using Machine Learning – A Practical Guide

Valdimir Lisitsin (DNRM)
ML for Exploration Targeting – Challenges and Opportunities

Ross Corben (Geowiz Consulting) & Gavin Daneel (Gavin Daneel & Associates)
Machine Learning in Exploration Target Generation

Assoc. Prof. Mohsen Yahyaei (UQ JKMRC)
Applications of Machine Learning in Advanced Process Prediction and control

Dr Dave Cole (CSIRO)
Data-Driven Approaches to Mineral Exploration and Geological Mapping

Matthew Greenwood (DNRM)
Regional Applications of Machine Learning And Pre-Competitive Data

Andrew McCulloch & Richard Scott (Oz Minerals)
Lessons from the Explorer Challenge: Journey to discovery with Data

Warwick Anderson (Orefox)
Utilization of Deep Leaning for Exploration in the Prominent Hill/Mt Woods terrain

John Anderson (Austrike Resources)
First Encounter of the ML Kind: An Explorer’s View