Queensland Exploration Data Centre

68 Pineapple Street


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  • 2 responses to “Queensland Exploration Data Centre”

    1. Xiaotong Sun says:

      Hi Staff, thanks for spending time on my email. I’m a UQ student and just want to know how to apply to see a core. I’m doing the Ban Ban spring project due on the end of May and have already see the core on the April 10th with my professor Paulo and hope to see that again. I’m willing to volunteer on other things in your center if i can get the permission to see the core again.

      • Andrew Waltho says:

        Hi, Contact the Queensland Data Centre. All core is available to be viewed, you just need to make an appointment to have the core laid out. You are able to sample the core too, provided copies of any results of tests performed on the samples are provided to the EDC. R=Te staff there are really helpful.

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