The latest Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey is open for contributions

The latest Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey is open for contributions

Please contribute before 30th October 2022. The survey will collect information for the third quarter of 2022 and will be open for contributions until 30th October 2022.  Follow this link to complete the survey. This survey covers the third quarter of 2022, from the beginning of July to the end of September. Geoscientific skills and

The latest (Q1 2022) AIG Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey is open for contributions

Welcome to the first employment survey for 2022. Follow this link to complete the survey. The opening of the survey for contributions has been delayed from earlier in April due to the Easter and ANZAC Day holidays throughout Australia. Geoscientist unemployment in Australia increased during the final quarter of 2021, from a historic low of

Geoscientist unemployment at record low levels

Geoscientist unemployment fell to 1.8% in September 2021: equal to the lowest level recorded in 10 years of quarterly employment surveys by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG). The under-employment rate amongst geoscientists (respondents able to secure 25% or less of their desired workload) fell to 6.0%.   The unemployment and under-employment rates in the previous

The latest employment survey closes this weekend

Help to make a difference – please contribute now The latest quarterly survey of geoscientist employment in Australia is open for contributions. AIG members are asked to complete the survey by following this link and encouraging friends and colleagues to also contribute. You do not need to be an AIG member to participate in the survey which is

What’s happened with geoscientist employment during Q2 2021?

The latest Australian geoscientist employment survey is open for contributions. Complete the survey by 31st July 2021.

2020 ends with a strong improvement in geoscientist employment

Australia’s geoscientists benefitted from a sharp increase in employment opportunities in the final quarter of 2020 according to the latest AIG Australian geoscientist employment survey. Unemployment amongst professional geoscientists (geologists, geophysicists and allied Earth scientists) recommenced a downward trend after improvement in employment prospects stalled throughout the previous three quarters of the year. AIG President,

The latest Australian geoscientist employment update is open for contributions until this Saturday

Please take two minutes to share your employment experience and encourage your friends and colleagues to contribute.   Contributions to the latest Australian geoscientist employment survey close 24th October 2020. The second quarter 2020 employment survey, conducted in June, provided a first look at how Australian geoscience, particularly mineral exploration and mining, was being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in

Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey

The latest instalment in the survey series is open for contributions. This survey will provide data on trends in geoscientist employment in Australia during the first quarter (January to March) of 2020.  Australia, during the first quarter of 2020, was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic which has placed restrictions on normal work and travel, both within

Geologist and geophysicist employment in Australia

The Commonwealth Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business (DESSFB) have released their review of geologist and geophysicist employment in Australia for 2019. The department’s survey revealed recruitment difficulty for geophysicists and underground mine geologists, in a generally tightening employment market. The DESSFB survey concluded: The number of applicants and suitable applicants per vacancy

Geoscientist employment: Western Australia at a glance

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