The Digital Apocalypse

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The Digital ApocalypseDavid Groves, well known Australian geoscientist and a former Director of the centres that preceded the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET), and a co-founder of CET, has adapted his skills to writing novels.

His first commercially published book, The Digital Apocalypse, deals with many of the issues of contemporary society through the experiences of its main characters:

  • life and love in a world of incredibly rapid sociological and technological change;
  • an almost totally serviced society out of equilibrium with Nature and dependant on non-renewable resources;
  • an overpopulated world challenged by pollution and climate change; and,
  • a society fearful of religious and environmental extremism.

The book flyer depicts the book’s cover and gives a brief outline of the plot in terms of the main characters.  Click here for more information about the publisher.

David is happy to personally sign any books purchased and left at the CET office for his attention.

CET and AIG is distributing this message to help David connect to his many friends and colleagues in CET and former Centres.  AIG, CET nor UWA necessarily agree with, or take responsibility for, the opinions expressed by any of the fictional characters in the book.