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AIG Membership is available to professional geoscientists, engaged in all sectors of industry, government, education and research. Members of the public, without formal geoscience qualifications, and non-profit organisations interested in Australian geoscience may apply for Associate membership.

What grade of membership should I apply for?

  • Student membership is available if you are studying full or part time towards your first degree in geoscience.
  • Graduate membership is available if you have completed at least a Bachelor’s level or equivalent qualification degree in geoscience and have less than five years professional experience.
    • You will need to upload a copy of your degree/academic transcript and your CV.
    • If you do not know any AIG members to propose your application, it’s recommended that you either attend one of the many free technical talks available or contact your local state branch who can put you in touch with members who can assist you.
  • To be endorsed as a Member, you require at least a Bachelor’s level degree or equivalent qualification and at least five years professional experience in your field(s) of practice. AIG Members, with the appropriate relevant experience required of the “Competent Person”, are entitled to sign resource statements and reports issued for public information under the JORC and NI43-101 codes.
    • You will need to upload a copy of your degree/academic transcript and your CV.
    • If you are upgrading your membership from Graduate membership, only a copy of your CV is required.
  • Fellow membership is available to senior geoscientists with at least 15 years professional experience in your field(s) of practice and, in the opinion of the Board, have achieved prominence in this field.
    • You will need to upload a copy of your degree/academic transcript, your CV and a supporting statement pointing out why you are a worthy applicant for Fellowship.
    • If you are upgrading your membership from full membership, only a copy of your CV and your supporting statement is required.
  • Associate membership is offered to persons who have not completed a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and to non-commercial organisations (e.g. a school) that display appropriate interest in geoscience and the objectives of the Institute.
    • You will need to upload a statement supporting your interest in geoscience to accompany this application.
  • Retired membership is offered to Members and Fellows with at least ten years continuous membership who have retired from active employment.

All Graduates, Members and Fellows must abide by the Institute’s Code of Ethics and make a declaration that they have not been subject to disciplinary action by a professional association.

How to join

We have implemented an online system for registration which enable applicants for membership to lodge the required information and supporting documentation on-line.

Things to note when applying for membership online

  • Applications must be accompanied by the required supporting documentation for your application for membership to be considered; incomplete documentation will delay the application process.
  • When you apply online, login details will be emailed to you. Please make a note of these, especially the application number, to avoid duplication of applications.
  • Proposers and seconders must be full financial members of the Institute. (MAIG or FAIG). Please ensure that your proposers have agreed to act as such prior to nominating them.
  • The application process can take anywhere from 3 weeks to several months or longer. It can be delayed by the following:
    • not uploading the required documentation, and/or
    • proposers not responding to email requests to confirm their personal knowledge of the applicant’s experience.

AIG has responded to recent changes to geoscience degree undergraduate curricula at some Australian universities by introducing educational requirements for institute membership.

Geoscience knowledge requirements for new membership applications have recently been implemented by the Institute.  The objectives of this initiative are to ensure AIG members have core geoscience knowledge and competencies in order to facilitate best practice and to meet the key object of a professional body to maintain standards and ultimately protect the public.

Read further information on the knowledge requirements here.

  • A non-refundable administration fee is payable on receipt of a completed application. Payment of the application fee MUST accompany the application.
  • Membership dues will be charged upon successful endorsement of an applicant.
  • 10% GST will apply to all Australian residents.

Membership Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Applications that include qualifications obtained from overseas universities will be assessed using Australian government provided information to ensure that your overseas degree is comparable with an appropriate qualification from an Australian university.

Admission to membership of the AIG at the level of Graduate, Member, Fellow is subject to compliance with the criteria detailed in the application guidelines. All members agree to be bound by AIG’s Code of Ethics. You are advised to read the Code of Ethics carefully before submitting your application.

Applications for admission as a Registered Professional Geoscientist are only accepted from existing AIG Members or Fellows. To be recognised as a Registered Professional Geoscientist, you must be accepted as a Member or Fellow first. Details on the RPGeo program and an application kit can be found here.

Additional Documentation and Assistance for Completing Your Application

Application guidelines
Guidelines for applying as a Fellow
Code of Ethics

Please read these guidelines carefully as they should answer any questions you might have.  If you have further queries you can email us at

Membership Fees

AIG offers several categories of membership to both professional geoscientists, students and members of the public with special interests in Australian geoscience.

Download the current subscription fee schedule here.
Information on fees assistance

Timetable for Applications

Membership applications are acknowledged as received and are processed ready for endorsement at the next Board meeting. Board meetings are held every six weeks. Application deadlines close two weeks before this date. Applications received after this date will be processed in the following membership cycle.