Exploration Radio:

#52 – Dealing For Decades With
Francois Robert And Rob Krcmarov

In early 2002, Barrick Gold decides to merge with another company, Homestake Mining, to create one of the largest Gold companies in the world.

A young French Canadian geologist (do not hold that against him) working for Barrick in Nevada is asked to pack his bags and move to Australia, to take up a vacant Chief Geologist position for this combined company. At the same time, a young Australian geologist from Adelaide South Australia (do not hold that against him) was working for Homestake and is asked to take over the Australian Exploration Manager role for the new company.

Both men were taking on new management roles, a huge step up for both of them. That’s how Francois Robert and Rob Krcmarov first meet.

This episode is about two people with different skillsets who decided to work together by creating a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Until next time. Keep exploring.

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