Exploration Radio:

Exploration Radio:

#52 – Dealing For Decades WithFrancois Robert And Rob Krcmarov In early 2002, Barrick Gold decides to merge with another company, Homestake Mining, to create one of the largest Gold companies in the world. A young French Canadian geologist (do not hold that against him) working for Barrick in Nevada is asked to pack his

Exploration Radio #45: Keep the Risk in the Rock with Tony Reda

Much of the mining industry is made up of technical people. Geologists are quasi-scientists, mining engineers are quasi-engineers, metallurgists are quasi-chemists… Most of the critical roles in mining tend to have a technical background. Probably because of this, we always gravitate towards understanding the technical opportunity a project provides. How can we find more ore,

Exploration Radio #44 Exploring Barren Lands

Exploring Barren Lands with Chuck Fipke LISTEN NOW. The early 90s marked one of the biggest staking rushes in the Northwest Territories in northern Canada. A hundred years earlier, people had come pouring into the Canadian north looking for gold. This time around, they were looking for something else… diamonds. At the centre of this

A diamond in the rough

Exploration Radio Episode #42 In 1991, a then 20-something year old Eira Thomas set off to explore for diamonds in the Canadian north. This led to her being involved in the discovery of what was to become the Diavik Diamond mine – Canada’s second major diamond discovery and arguably one of the world’s richest diamond

Two new Exploration Radio episodes

Ideas that Must Parts 2 and 3, Episodes 40 and 41 Ideas That Must (Part 2) : LISTEN NOW Ideas That Must (Part 3) : LISTEN NOW At the end of all of our interviews, Steve and I always ask our guests two questions: what is something they think that needs to live and what

Exploration Radio Episode 38

The Lost Cities of Gold with Keith Barron Ever since I watched the first Indiana Jones movies as a kid, I always wanted to be a real life version of Indy. The hat, the whip, the character that was so wonderfully embodied by Harrison Ford. Everything about that I just loved. That fascination of being

Exploration Radio Episode 33

Houston, we have a problem. Well, we have two problems. New discoveries are becoming increasingly rare – they are becoming technically more challenging. And our practical skills as explorers are declining – what made us successful in the past is not what will likely make us successful in the future. So what can we do

Exploration Radio

Two new Exploration Radio podcast episodes are now available!

Exploration Radio

Exploration Radio is a podcast series examining the nature and people involved in mineral exploration, produced by Ahmad Saleem and Steve Beresford. Ahmad Saleem is a geologist and mineral economics researcher.  Co-host, Steve Beresford, is Chief Geologist at Independence Group Exploration Radio focusses on the past, present and future of mineral exploration, featuring interviews and discussions