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Exploration Radio:

#52 – Dealing For Decades WithFrancois Robert And Rob Krcmarov In early 2002, Barrick Gold decides to merge with another company, Homestake Mining, to create one of the largest Gold companies in the world. A young French Canadian geologist (do not hold that against him) working for Barrick in Nevada is asked to pack his

Geology of gold course 2020

Can you help with Chinese gold production, resource and reserve figures?

Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au Exploration

Greg Corbett and Stuart Hayward are presenting their informative and well regarded epithermal Au-Ag and porphyry Cu-Au exploration short course in Sydney this December. Two days of PowerPoint lectures (December 4 and 5) focus upon mineral exploration for epithermal and porphyry ore deposits derived from Dr Corbett’s 40 years field experience, including earlier short courses

Epithermal Au-Ag and Porphyry Cu-Au Exploration

Lectures and practical, 4-6 December 2018, by Greg Corbett and Stuart Hayward December 4 & 5, York Club, 99 York St Sydney, lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided. Two days of PowerPoint lectures focus upon mineral exploration for epithermal and porphyry ore deposits derived from Dr Corbett’s 40 years field experience, including earlier short courses

Gold18 Update

  Gold18 will be held in Perth, 2-3 August 2018. Gold18 is aimed at geoscientists involved with gold exploration and mining and is being convened by AIG in collaboration with geosymposia.com.au. The symposium will feature: Technical sessions, keynote speakers and a poster session Early morning and afternoon tea and coffee Lunch Trade booths displaying the latest in commercial

Two new events from Geoscientists Symposia

Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist Date: 11-13 December 2017 Venue: Tawarri Reception Centre, Dalkeith WA Presenter : Mike Dentith This innovative training course uses applied learning techniques and real-world mineral exploration scenarios to train participants in the key principles of interpreting geophysical data sets, without the need for complex mathematics and physics. This course teaches

Updated: The long term outlook for Australian gold

Long-term forecast of Australia’s mineral production and revenue The outlook for gold: 2017-2057 Report by MinEx Consulting: October 2017 Under the combined support and sponsorship of six government agencies (both State and Federal), three research organisations and three industry groups, including AIG, a landmark report has been published by MinEx Consulting looking at the forty-year

Miner critically aware of social licence responsibilities

The mining and exploration quest in and around New Zealand’s Waihi gold mine involves a high degree of social licence. A consultant to OceanaGold Corporation (TSX & ASX: OGC) working on the Waihi operations, Rick Streiff, told attendees at the recent Gold17@Rotorua Conference that in Waihi the Martha open cut mine has operated in the

Industry should remember its exploration success

A well-known mining consultant said at the conclusion of the Gold17@Rotorua conference recently that contrary to many views in Government and industry observers gold exploration has been a successful business. Julian Vearncombe of Perth-based SJS Resource Management, who was a principal organiser of the conference, gave the final presentation yesterday and pointed to some of


Selected presentations from the recent and very successful Gold17@Rororua conference are now available on the AIG web site.  The selection of presentations currently available will be expanded progressively as contributions are received from authors. Gold17@Rotorua was presented by AIG and Geoscientists Symposia.