Minerals and Energy Resources

JORC Code Public Consultation Process Timeline

The JORC Committee is continuing to actively engage with the market operator (ASX) and regulator (ASIC). Discussions related to specific aspects of the draft Code are progressing, to ensure alignment between all parties, before engaging with wider stakeholder groups. In parallel the Parent Bodies Joint Taskforce review of the Competent Person framework is underway and

Diamonds: From Exploration to Manufacturing Short Course

GSSA and SACNASP are offering a diamonds short course with optional mine visits in South Africa for those able to attend, 20-30 June, 2022. The last half-century has seen a massive shift in geological thinking and technological development across all facets of the diamond exploration, mining, recovery, manufacturing, and marketing spectrum. Recently synthetic gemstone diamonds

JORC Code Compliance Review

AIG initiated a project in May 2021 to randomly assess announcements of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves released by ASX listed companies. The initial objective of the project, undertaken by AIG’s Complaints Committee, was to assess the level of JORC Code compliance by Competent Persons, and identify areas of concern that could be

Exploration Radio:

#52 – Dealing For Decades WithFrancois Robert And Rob Krcmarov In early 2002, Barrick Gold decides to merge with another company, Homestake Mining, to create one of the largest Gold companies in the world. A young French Canadian geologist (do not hold that against him) working for Barrick in Nevada is asked to pack his

JORC Code Competence Baseline Study

A baseline study has been initiated to recommend standards and mechanisms for assessing competence for resources industry professionals acting as Competent Persons in compliance with the JORC Code. A short survey has been developed to gather information to be used in the baseline study of competence issues, being prepared `as part of the current review of the

Frank Arnott Award: 2022 Finalists Announced

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Our judges have selected six teams to advance to the finals of this year’s Next Generation Explorers Award challenge at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) online convention. As recently announced, PDAC has decided to reschedule the convention due to the current COVID public health restrictions in Ontario. PDAC 2022 will now

Update on the Competent Person Issue in the Current JORC Code Review

As part of the current JORC Code review, JORC has formed several working groups comprised of JORC members and selected contributors from industry. The working group topics include; Competent Person, Reasonable Prospects for Eventual Economic Extraction, ESG reporting, , Guidance, Reconciliation, Use of JORC for non-ASX reporting, and Risk. The Competent Person issue is unique

The Ethics Column: Balanced Reporting in Compliance with JORC

AIG’s Code of Ethics requires all members to adhere to the Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves (the JORC Code), which sets out minimum standards for public reporting of this information. The JORC Code stipulates “Public Reports of Exploration Results must contain sufficient information to allow a considered and balanced

Roy Woodall Medal Presentation

Kathy Ehrig was announced as the recipient of this year’s Roy Woodall Medal several months ago. After several failed attempts relating to the pandemic, the Australian Geoscience Council was finally able to make a formal presentation of our prestigious Roy Woodall medal at the Copper to the World Conference in Adelaide on August 31. The organisers

AEGC 2021 moving to a fully virtual event

Due to the ongoing challenges faced with COVID-19 and outbreaks nation-wide, the Organising Committee have made the decision to move AEGC 2021 to a fully virtual event and postpone the in-person Conference until 2023, in line with the next AEGC rotation. Whilst holding a hybrid Conference was originally preferred, the ongoing escalation of the current situation and the