2012 JORC Code Released

2012 JORC Code Released

2012 JORC Code Released

The 2012 edition of the JORC Code has been published and is available from the JORC web site, with an announcement outlining the process of revising the code, the last substantial update of which was in 2004.

The new edition of the JORC code will be subject to a transition period until 30th November 2013, during which the minimum requirement fro public reporting of explorationj results, mineral resources and ore reserves will remain the 2004 edition of the code.  Voluntary compliance with the 2012 version of the code is, however, encouraged in the period prior to full implementation of the 2012 code from 1st December 2013.  Similar transitional arrangements apply to the ASX listing rules.

Both JORC and the ASX agree that if a Competent Person wants to take advantage of any of the provisions of the 2012 JORC Code, they must comply with the provisions of the 2012 code and the revised ASX listing rules.

More details about the transition to full implementation of the 2012 code and associated education programs to be conducted during 2013 will be provided via the AIG web site in  coming months.

21 Dec 2012


Exploration Skills for Graduate Geoscientists

Exploration Skills for Graduate Geoscientists
Field Course, Kalgoorlie, February 2013

The AusIMM Geoscience Society, AIG and Digirock are holding a five day field course designed to assist graduate geoscientists in the trabsition from university to a career in mineral exploration. (more…)

Increased Funding for Geoscience Australia

AIG Welcomes Increased Funding for Geoscience Australia

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson recently anounced increased funding for Geoscience Australia’s geoscience programs.  A strategic review of Geoscience Australia, delivered in 2011, identified that government provision of pre-competitive information was a successful way to attract investment in resources exploration.  The additional funds comprise $34 million in 2013-14 and $40 million p.a. thereafter to enhance the provision of pre-competitive data to support mineral and energy resource exploration in Australia. (more…)

Global Geoscience Professionalism Task Group

New IUGS Task Group: Global Geoscience Professionalism

The IUGS has formed a new task group on Global Geoscience Professionalism. AIG is a founding member of the new group which is chaired by Ruth Allington, President of the European Federation of Geologists, who has penned the following summary of the group’s role and objectives. (more…)

AIG JORC and ASX Listing Rules Submissions

JORC and ASX Listing Rules Submissions

The AIG submissions provided to the JORC Committee and ASX on proposed changes to the JORC Code and ASX Listing Rules for minerals and petroleum sector companies may be viewed here. Exposure drafts of the JORC Code and ASX Listing Rules were developed following an extensive consultation process with stakeholders earlier this year. (more…)

ASEG – Rick Miller Lecture Tour

Rick Miller Lecture Tour

The Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) is hosting a lecture tour by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Vice President Dr Richard (Rick) Miller.  Rick is SEG’s 2012 Near Surface Geophysics Honorary Lecturer. (more…)

AIG Newsletter Email List

We’ve lost contact with you!

AIG’s new email list manager, used to send national and state branch email newsletters and event notifications to both members and non-members, automatically removes all email addresses to which delivery of an email has been blocked.  The email list manager has been in use for six months now.  If you haven’t been receiving newsletters and emails from AIG, chances are you name is on the following list. (more…)

Non-Financial Barriers to Exploration

Non-Financial Barriers to Mineral Exploration

AIG is planning a submission to the recently announced Productivity Commission inquiry into non-financial barriers to mineral exploration in Australia.

The terms of reference for the inquiry exclude taxation, royalties and other financial issues, but the inquiry is a good opportunity to put other factors that have a negative impact on Australia’s ability to compete globally for exploration investment on the table, for review by an influential and respected Commonwealth government authority. (more…)

GEMCOM Education Initiative

GEMCOM Education Initiative

Brisbane Minex and Surpac Training

The GEMCOM Education Initiative was established in 2009, aimed at helping unemployed and underemployed geoscientists in Australia extend their skills to improve their employability.  GEMCOM is pleased to run this program again in 2012 and is offering its 3 day MinexTM Foundation course and its 2 day SurpacTM Foundation course in Brisbane. 
When:  MinexTM – Monday 3 December to Wednesday 5 December 2012, SurpacTM – Thursday 6 December to Friday 7 December 2012
Where:  GEMCOM Brisbane office. Level 6, 280 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
Cost:  $200 each – which includes registration, lunch and refreshments each day
To qualify for the training, you must certify that you are a member of AIG and are currently either unemployed or employed less than 20 hours per week, and you are not working in a consultant role.  The training course will run subject to achieving the minimum number of registrations. (more…)

L’Aquila Earthquake

L’Aquila Earthquake

Many Australian geoscientists were shocked by media reports of an Italian court sentencing six geoscientists and a government official from Italy’s disaster management agency to proson sentences after convicting them of Manslaughter in response provided to advice provided regarding seismic risks affecting the town of L’Aquila, devastated by an earthquake in 2009. (more…)