AIG Service Awards

AIG Service Awards

The contributions of three members, Graham Jeffress, Bill Shaw and Wayne Spilsbury, were recognised with awards at a presentation in Perth last Friday evening (28th October, 2022).

Graham Jeffress and Bill Shaw were presented with the AIG Distinguished Service Medals, recognising significant contributions to both AIG and the Australian geoscience community more generally.

Graham Jeffress contributed to the work of both the Western Australia Branch and the AIG Council (Board) over a number of years which included the roles of WA Branch Chair and both Treasurer and Secretary of the Institute.  Graham is currently the Deputy Chair and an AIG representative on the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC).

Bill Shaw is a past Western Australia Branch Chair, Institute President and, until recently, a long-standing member of the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC) management committee.

Graham Jeffress receiving the AIG Distinguished Service Award from AIG President, Chris Dickinson

Bill Shaw receiving the AIG Distinguished Service award from AIG President, Chris Dickinson.

Wayne Spilsbury received the Western Australia Branch Service Award.  Wayne has been a long-standing contributor to the Western Australia Branch and the AIG Council (Board).  Wayne is also past-President of the Institute.

Wayne Spilsbury being presented with the Western Australia Branch Distinguished Service award by current WA Branch Chair, Matt Greentree.

Congratulations Graham, Bill and Wayne for recognition of your commitment to our Institute on behalf of all AIG members.


The latest Australian Geoscientist Employment Survey is open for contributions

Please contribute before 30th October 2022.

The survey will collect information for the third quarter of 2022 and will be open for contributions until 30th October 2022.  Follow this link to complete the survey.

This survey covers the third quarter of 2022, from the beginning of July to the end of September.

Geoscientific skills and experience have been in strong demand.  Is this continuing?

The third quarter of 2022 has not been without dark clouds in the socioeconomic space, with an ongoing war in Europe.  China’s relationships with its Pacific neighbours has also created political and security concerns. Many western economies are also feeling the impact of rising inflation and interest rates.  The third quarter of each year has historically been a survey in which employment conditions appear to be relatively buoyant.  Is this the case in 2022?

Your information is used in a manner that preserves strict privacy. The survey does not collect any personally identifiable information.  It takes only two minutes or so to complete.

Please encourage colleagues and friends to complete the survey also.  You do not need to be an AIG member.  All geoscientists working or seeking work in Australia are encouraged to contribute.

The survey will be open for contributions until Sunday, 28 October. Please contribute by completing the survey today – every response adds to the quality of the survey results.

EXPLORATION RADIO – Standing on the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

#57 – Standing on the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

In this episode, our guests are Matthew Pearson and Dr Garret Olivia from Fleet Space.

We have always had a desire to explore our planet. Our history is rich with explorers that did just that. The next chapter in the exploration of Earth might involve doing it from space. Fleet Space is trying to create technology to do just that.

Let’s explore.



JORC Competent Person – A baseline review in a global context

The Baseline Review of JORC Competent Person matters, commissioned by the Joint AIG/AusIMM Competent Person Taskforce, is now complete and available for public distribution.

The objective of commissioning the Baseline Review was to create a well-researched and complete document that contains all relevant information relating to the current requirements for Competent Persons, as well as the history and standards of Competent Person accreditation in relevant countries. Its purpose is to inform key stakeholders and our initiatives to address matters of Competence and Competent Person requirements and responsibility as part of the current JORC Code review.

This study represents a single-source reference document for the current state of the subject and has been a significant undertaking to produce. Our sincere thanks are extended to the numerous contributors to this process.

It is expected this Baseline Review document will be recognised and utilised as an important
resource to help inform all stakeholders, in particular current Competent Persons and our Institutes’ members, as to the background on the issues of Competence and Competent Persons in relation to Public Reporting both under the JORC Code and other reporting codes globally.

We encourage all interested persons to read this document and an extensive Executive Summary is provided for an overview of the content. You can download a copy of the Baseline Review document here.

Work is ongoing within the Joint Taskforce to develop the future framework for Competent Person verification and oversight and this Baseline Review study now underpins that activity in conjunction with prior member consultation forums.

Nicole Brook (AusIMM) – Chair, Joint AIG/AusIMM Competent Person Taskforce
Dale Sims (AIG) – Deputy Chair