AIG News 146 is now available

AIG News 146 is now available

The latest issue of AIG News (Issue 146) is now available.

AIG News has become a members publication from the beginning of 2022. Members have free access to AIG News. The latest issue is available by logging in to the membership portal (follow the Login link at the top right of the AIG website homepage). AIG News is in the Notices section of the portal. This is an interim arrangement for the current issue.

Non-members will be able to purchase future and previous editions of AIG News from the on-line shop, accessible through the AIG website.

We are currently working to make a complete set of AIG News back issues available on-line. Watch for news on this project. AIG News is also about to receive a facelift to improve its readability and appeal to both readers and advertisers. We are committed to providing members with a contemporary, informative member publication. Please contact the editor if you have any thoughts and suggestions for this.

In this issue:

  • Geoscientist unemployment at record levels
  • Geoscience education in the time of coronavirus
  • The finder and the minder
  • Uncertainty in geosciences as a giant room for human imagination
  • Data hell… merging databases. And for what end?
  • The Olympic Dam Iron Oxide Copper Gold deposit; the “Finger of GOD”; and the renaissance of the magnetotelluric (MT) method in Australia
  • upcoming conferences, branch news and much more!

Exploration Radio:

#52 – Dealing For Decades With
Francois Robert And Rob Krcmarov

In early 2002, Barrick Gold decides to merge with another company, Homestake Mining, to create one of the largest Gold companies in the world.

A young French Canadian geologist (do not hold that against him) working for Barrick in Nevada is asked to pack his bags and move to Australia, to take up a vacant Chief Geologist position for this combined company. At the same time, a young Australian geologist from Adelaide South Australia (do not hold that against him) was working for Homestake and is asked to take over the Australian Exploration Manager role for the new company.

Both men were taking on new management roles, a huge step up for both of them. That’s how Francois Robert and Rob Krcmarov first meet.

This episode is about two people with different skillsets who decided to work together by creating a relationship of mutual respect and trust.

Until next time. Keep exploring.

AIG is proud to be a sponsor of Exploration Radio

JORC Code Competence Baseline Study

A baseline study has been initiated to recommend standards and mechanisms for assessing competence for resources industry professionals acting as Competent Persons in compliance with the JORC Code.

A short survey has been developed to gather information to be used in the baseline study of competence issues, being prepared `as part of the current review of the JORC Code.  The survey asks a series of questions addressing key issues of interest to both Competent Persons and other stakeholders.  

The survey represents an opportunity for both Competent Persons and users of public information prepared and presented in compliance with the JORC Code to provide their thoughts on the issue. 
Answers to the survey questions will supplement information gathered by the stakeholder survey conducted during the initial stages of the JORC Code review last year (2021).  The survey is intended to supplement this information and provide additional stakeholder input.  The survey is designed to take as little as 2-3 minutes to complete.  

You do not need to have contributed to the JORC stakeholder engagement survey conducted last year to contribute.  The survey does not collect any personally identifiable information.
The survey may be completed by following this link.  The survey is only open for contributions until 14th February due to the tight timeframe specified for the baseline study so please complete the survey today.

Additional thoughts and comments on competence issues not covered by the study are welcome by email,  which should be submitted also by 14th February please.

Frank Arnott Award: 2022 Finalists Announced

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Our judges have selected six teams to advance to the finals of this year’s Next Generation Explorers Award challenge at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) online convention.

As recently announced, PDAC has decided to reschedule the convention due to the current COVID public health restrictions in Ontario. PDAC 2022 will now be hosted in-person in Toronto from June 13-15 and online from June 28-29.

In addition, the 2023 NGEA™ challenge is now open! We encourage everyone to organise a team and apply today!

Here are this year’s six finalists (in no particular order):

4-D Integration Team

Dène Tarkyth, Drew Heasman, Moslem (Moz) Azar Pour, 
Lavie Nguyen, & Julia MacGillivray

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Quesnel Trough Dataset
Team Create

Liam Maw (Institut national de la recherche scientifique),
Taylor Tracey Kyryliuk, Marc Lorin Faßbender, Christopher Galley (Memorial University of Newfoundland), & Ryley Penner

University of Ottawa, Canada

Flin Flon Dataset
Team Shamrock

Joseph Frizon De Lamott, Alexandre LEBOULCH (UQAC),
Valentin Oge, Remi Naulot (UQAC),
Théophile Cholet & Anae LEMAIRE

UniLaSalle, France

Tellus Programme Dataset
Muki Team

David Portocarrero (University of Tasmania), Marianella Guerrero,
Renato Andre Santisteban Suarez, Alicia Rodriguez (mentor),
Martin Emmanuel Tapia Peralta, Anderson Jose Pierola Rimac,
Yamila Naydim Pari Rodriguez & Manuel Martin Ego Aguirre Madrid

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI), Peru

Quesnel Trough Dataset

Robiah al Wardah, Tim Packulak, Sharlotte Mkhonto,
Collette Pilsworth, Alutsyah Luthfian (The University of Auckland),
Allie Surrette, Benjamin Saadia, McLean Trott & Neeraj Nainwal

Queen’s University, Canada

Ngamiland, Botswana Dataset
Halleluya Ekandjo (iCRAG), Robert Watson,
Xiaolong Wei (University of Houston), Prithwijit Chakraborti &
J. Caleb Chappell (Colorado School of Mines)

University College Dublin (UCD)

Tellus Programme Dataset

To find out more about the Frank Arnott Next Generation Explorers’ Award visit the website.

Best wishes to this year’s finalists!